Greybeards talk about Storage Trends in our 2014 Yearend Podcast-part 3

In this our end of year video podcast Howard and I discuss some of the trends impacting the storage industry today.  Which include Cloud, SSD/Flash, software defined storage and converged server-storage systems and object storage.

The video comes in at a little more than 43 minutes and is available to be streamed, from Vimeo

or as a downloadable podcast in as a 3 videos.

Part 3 (~8 minutes) discusses the state of object storage and some of the trends impacting it’s adoption.

2 Replies to “Greybeards talk about Storage Trends in our 2014 Yearend Podcast-part 3”

  1. HNY guys and thanks for the podcast. I’ve enjoyed and found useful the words of wisdom from you and your guests for some time now.

    Just wondering if the switch to video is permanent or just a holiday special? Audio podcasts are a wonderful way to both distribute and receive information. For me they help make use of time spent in traffic or planes. Consuming via video means I have to set aside time to watch – ultimately this will mean missing ‘casts. The video isn’t adding anything to what you’re communicating, so I’m hoping you’ll be back to audio distribution soon.


    1. Trevor, thanks for the comment. Yes we will return to audio podcasts. Howard and I will occasionally record (short) video segments in addition to our normal audio podcasts. This was just another experiment for us.


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